You are 21 years and 192 days old today.

You've outlived Duncan Edwards by about 2 months. He was one of the youngest ever professional soccer players in England who played for Manchester United. He died of injuries sustained in an airplane accident on February 21, 1958, 30 years before you were born.

Duncan Edwards wasn't the only notable who died at about this age:

<-span class="fullpost"->You've outlived Bugz by about 2 months. He was a Detroit rapper and an original member of the group D12. He died of murder by gunshot on May 21, 1999, when you were 11 years old.<-/span->

<-span class="fullpost"->Napoleon II was about 2 months younger than you when he died of tuberculosis on July 22, 1832. He was an infant emperor of France who spent most of his short life in exile in Austria. He died 156 years before you were born.<-/span->

<-span class="fullpost"->You've outlived Nathan Hale by more than 2 months. He was an American Revolutionary war hero convicted by the British as a spy. He died of execution by hanging on September 22, 1776, 212 years before you were born.<-/span->

<-span class="fullpost"->Luc Bourdon was about 3 months younger than you when he died in a motorcycle accident on May 29, 2008. He was a National Hockey League defenseman who played for the Vancouver Canucks. You were 20 years old when he died.<-/span->
<-span class="fullpost"->Evet vakit gelmiş<-/span->

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